Catcher Solution

Collect Customer Data + Auto-Marketing benefits = Enhance your Business

What is ‘Catcher’?

It is simple user friendly tool to capture the lead that comes to you and retargets them to qualify as opportunity. It would act as lead generation facilitator by curbing the manual tasks. We understand every lead that comes to you today is tomorrow’s potential customer!

Collecting data and feedback

Collect contacts, customer data and feedback at trade fairs, events, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, etc. One can develop competitive strategic execution or make dynamic and targeted customer campaigns. Rather than using the traditional approach for lead generation using paper forms and manual data processing; ‘Catcher’ will save lot of time, effort and energy.

Contact, marketing and activation

One can contact customers and leads automatically via email or SMS. It can be used to promote a product, campaign, online store or shop. This provokes clients to buy in your product or service more often and more quickly. Automatic thank you messages can contain an offer for the customer, promotion on next purchase, and discount on an allied product which can be shared with friends. Thus, the lead generation activity, active follow up and feedback queries can result into brand awareness to the target audience.

Monitoring and analyzing

Catcher reports of collected data can be automatically send to your e-mail. Catcher enables the real-time view through computer or mobile devices. You can track the results with Google Analytics. By minimizing the amount of manual work, you can sell more, promote more and thereby increase the profitability. It is a lead generation activity which reduces your Opex!

Why Customers preferred ‘Catcher’?

Catcher has been in use for example in fairs and customer events as a platform for playful competition. The aim of the competition was to collect contact information and a memory trace for our customers participating in the event. Customer information will come conveniently in electronic format after the event, and the export to the CRM system is easy. Catcher is a handy tool to facilitate marketing stages. I recommend it!

Mari Sohlman -Marketing Manager, YIT Construction Ltd

A very useful feature for us is that the Catcher application does not need to be connected to the internet, but data can be recovered even when offline. This feature is useful for foreign events and, in practice, we found that not all the exhibition halls have very good internet connection, so the offline feature really came to the rescue in this situation. Catcher usage has brought a much-needed "buzz" to our stand and now we are thinking about how we can make use of the app even more in the future.

Anne-Mari Torpo - Oras Marketing Service & Fair Manager