Cognatio Systems

Cognatio Systems looks at solutions for Enterprises holistically with their in-depth expertise in various verticals like Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Services etc. on the ERP front. In addition to ERP and CRM, they also cater to applications targeting a specific space like Performance Optimization, Business Intelligence, Video based Training, and Mobile based ERP platforms.

Why Cognatio Systems chose us?

Cognatio Systems is a unique venture spearheaded by a team of individuals who through their lateral thinking and industry experience have set to capitalize the gaping hole in the Canada enterprises when it comes to ERP and CRP implementation and also deployment of innovative solutions for business intelligence. Cognatio was in look for a go-getter partner to launch their marketing activities in the new ocean they had just started sailing.

We fitted the bill perfectly!

What we did for Cognatio Systems?

Website Design & Branding

Content Development

Press Releases