Prologix LLC

Prologix LLC - Prologix LLC is a trusted ISO 9001:2008 Certified IT System Integrator in the Middle East & Africa. The company has innumerable client accounts across multiple industries and does business with large enterprises and SMBs and also government entities. In the past few years, Prologix has grown by leaps and bounds.

Why did Prologix chose us?

Prologix LLC is been operating in the Canada for over fifteen years. One of the most dynamic system integrators who is constantly thriving to keep up with the latest trends, technologies and implementation methodologies, to meet the ultimate objective of delivering the best of products and services to the customers. As someone who pays high attention to quality of the deliverables, and thus ensuring superior customer satisfaction, Prologix always looked for efficient means of branding and communication to get the right message out to the customer community and keeping in touch with them constantly. Aggressive marketing was the way to achieve this. This served two purposes - while creating a good will in the market for the company, the innovative and intelligent marketing techniques ensured generation of high quality leads in high volume assisting Prologix to leapfrog its competitors.

For a company that believes in contemporary and modern means of doing business, it was natural that they chose the best partner to carry out the marketing activities.

Long story short, they chose us!

What we did for Prologix?

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Custom Website, Hosting and Support

Content Development & Blog Support

Event Management